*****PLEASE NOTE: Additional Charges: sewing backing fabric together is $15.00, adding Leaders to backing fabric is $10.00 per leader

MyLongarm.com - Quilting Quote Only

Quilting Services (choose one of the following:)

Edge to Edge
($0.019 per square inch)
Quilting Services Subtotal ($45 minimum)


Heirloom Blend 70/30

100% Dream Cotton
($.32 per inch)

($.44 per inch)


Binding will be applied to the top and hand-stitched to the back.
Binding will be applied to the top only; Customer will finish.
Not required
($.30 per linear inch)

($.15 per linear inch)

Thread Charge per Color
*****Specify color(s) in Note Section below******
($8.00 per color)

Sub Total